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Easy and Efficient Primary Source Verification

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CertiFACTS Online®

The original and most widely accepted professional online resource for checking board certification information in the ABMS database. CertiFACTS is available by annual subscription for unlimited query capability.

  • Annual subscription (unlimited searches)
  • Build and save customized physicians lists
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)


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ABMS® Certification Profile Service

FlexiSearch package options offer as-needed ABMS database access to organizations that require limited queries or perform a lower volume of board certification verifications each year.

  • Search packages (Plans of 10, 25, 50 or 100)
  • No expiration date on queries
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)


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ABMS® Direct Connect Select

With unlimited access to the ABMS database, ABMS® Direct Connect Select offers the convenience and efficiency of integrating board certification data with HealthStream, MD Staff, and symplr software systems.

  • Upload data to your credentialing software
  • Agreement with customized access
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)


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ABMS® Custom Data Services

ABMS® Custom Data Services can provide the specific data you need. Enhance or clean your records with custom data matching capabilities. Extract files available for bulk or one-time certification data on nearly one million physicians.

  • Customized full data files based on your needs
  • Select downloads by board, specialty/subspecialty, and state
  • Suitable for database maintenance and audits