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CertiFACTS Online®

The original and most widely accepted professional online resource for checking board certification information in the ABMS database. CertiFACTS is available by annual subscription for unlimited search capability.

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ABMS® Certification Profile Service

FlexiSearch package options offer as-needed ABMS database access to organizations that require limited searches, or perform a lower volume of board certification verifications per year.

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ABMS Direct Connect® Select

ABMS Direct Connect Select offers the convenience and efficiency of integrating board certification data from the ABMS database (currently through HealthStream, MD Staff, and symplr).

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ABMS® Custom Data Services

ABMS Custom Data Services can provide the specific data you need. Enhance or clean your records with custom data matching capabilities. Extract files available for bulk or one-time certification data on nearly one million physicians.

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Search Using NPI and Active State Licensure for more efficient results

ABMS Solutions has launched an enhanced version of the CertiFACTS subscription tool for certification, as well as other products in its suite of services.

Users can now search either by individual National Provider Identifier (NPI) number or Active State Licensure.

These two additional data fields provide a total of 16 individual data points that can be used in searching and matching for Primary Source Verification.

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Is the ABMS Solutions’ product set the only online resource for board certification verification that is updated daily?

ABMS Solutions’ CertiFACTS product set is the only online resource offering daily database updates for verification of physician board certification. These updates reflect the latest information from the 24 ABMS Member Boards.

What does being board certified mean? How is it related to participating in MOC?

Through board certification by an ABMS Member Board, physicians show they meet the standards of practice set by the profession and have the specialized knowledge and clinical judgment to provide safe, quality, patient care. Physicians participating in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) demonstrate their continued commitment to engage in the assessment and learning activities required by their certifying board(s) to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of their practices. Board certification and MOC are two quality indicators we encourage everyone to verify.

Is ABMS Solutions an Official ABMS Display Agent™?

Yes. ABMS data comes directly from the 24 Member Boards and is considered Primary Source Verified (PSV). We invite you to learn more about our status with The American Board of Medical Specialties.