Physician's ABMS MOC Program Status is Available in the Credentials Profile

Since 2011, ABMS began reporting whether physicians who are board certified by one or more of the 24 ABMS Member Boards are participating in the ABMS MOC program established by their certifying Member Board(s). The ABMS database is the central repository for this information which is displayed through the ABMS Solutions’ product set.

Explanation of Participating in MOC

Participating in MOC means a physician is engaged in the activities required by his or her certifying board(s) for ongoing learning and assessment. The physician’s certifying board(s) determines whether or not he or she is in compliance. The types of tools and programs that physicians can use to satisfy the participation requirements vary by specialty.

Displaying a Physician’s MOC Status

The display resulting from a query includes the status of all the physician’s specialty (and subspecialty, if any) certificates. For each specialty and subspecialty certificate listed, either a “Yes”, “No” or “Not Required” response is given as to whether that physician is participating in the MOC program of his or her specialty board(s). A display of “No” could indicate that the physician has chosen not to fulfill MOC requirements for that certificate. A display of “Not Required” means that certification was achieved in that specialty before the certifying board established its MOC program, and therefore MOC program participation is not required. If MOC status information is missing from the display, it could mean that the physician’s certifying board(s) has not yet made available his or her MOC status to ABMS. As each board has specific requirements, it is always best practice to check with the particular ABMS board.

See the ABMS MOC Overview, FAQs, and Sample Physician Display[PDF] document.